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Dental Implants and Why to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Losing one or more teeth can be a memorable childhood experience, but the whole story will be changed when it comes to your permanent tooth. Missing teeth are considered one of the most severe dental traumas, affecting your other healthy teeth, jawbone, and soft tissues. Usually, people believe that losing permanent teeth happen in old age, which dentures will fix. Still, the fact is many adults experience this dental emergency at the age of 30 to 40. Fortunately, these days dentists are informed and skilled enough to provide solutions that make patients with missing teeth able to have a fantastic replacement and have their healthy oral condition back again. No matter your dentist’s specialty, they all try to save your tooth and avoid teeth removal as the last option to choose. Yet, if your tooth can’t be saved, having a proper replacement like dental implants is significantly essential to prevent further damage. Here at Scotia Tower Dental Group, professionals explain to their patients how important replacing their missing teeth is and why they need to immediately take necessary action in case of seeing their teeth lose. As leaving the gap of the lost tooth empty can cause many problems, we explain why to replace your missing teeth and how dental implants can help you handle this situation.



You Will Be More Prone to Gum Disease and Decay.

As you might know, tooth decay is the most common dental emergency, leading to painful conditions and complicated procedures like root canal therapy or even tooth extraction. Leaving your tooth not implanted can cause more gaps between your teeth as they lose their proper alignment. Usually, people with misaligned teeth face difficulties while brushing and flossing their teeth, resulting in poor oral hygiene, the leading cause of periodontal disease and tooth decay. A professional implant dentist can ideally help you avoid this problem regardless of how many teeth you lost.

Your Teeth Can Shift and Make Your Bite Unbalanced.

It might be surprising that your teeth greatly support each other, so losing even one tooth can have complications like shifted and unbalanced teeth. If you don’t get a single tooth implant at the right time, you may even be forced to have more complicated treatments like oral surgery to repair the damages to your teeth and jawbone and become qualified for the next treatment steps.

Your Face Shape May Change.

Missing teeth can make your jawbone deteriorate and your facial muscles sink. In addition to appearing older than you are, the routine oral hygiene you maintain may also change on a variety of levels. For instance, chewing and enjoying crunchy and hard snacks can become a struggle.



How Can Dental Implants Help?

Implants are by far the most effective method of replacing missing teeth compared to tooth bridges or dentures. Your implant dentist can professionally replace the whole missing tooth, from the root to the crown. Your smile will be transformed entirely as if you never lost a tooth, and the crowns are also easy to keep clean.

Don’t overlook missing teeth, and give yourself a truly deserved smile.

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