Dr Ali Safaei DDS.

Dr Ali Safaei Has Graduated Dentistry in 1991 From University of Tehran. After graduating Dental School he worked in orthodontic specialty clinic and also in periodontics gathering experience while contemplating which areas of Dentistry he would be more interested to pursue.

” after years of working as a general dentist and attending hundreds of hours of continuing education in different areas of dentistry, seeing the constant change that happens in our industry , I am happy about my practice of general dentistry.

It has been exciting era in our industry with the new technologies and treatment modalities such as implants , invisalign, Cerec , Cad Cam  ,CT scans , lasers etc.

These have transformed how we think about oral health and delivering the services to our patients. “

Dr Safaei moved to Vancouver and has been practicing in lower mainland since 1999.

He is constantly involved in continuing education in areas of implant Dentistry and orthodontics as well as CAD CAM and technology in dentistry.

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