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Root Canal Therapy: All Information You Need

As we all know, tooth decay is the most prevalent dental problem regardless of age. Whether you are an adult or just a kid, the first thing that comes to mind after experiencing tooth pain is the chance of having a decayed tooth. Although the procedure of treating a decayed tooth can be done straightforwardly by a professional dentist, it can also lead to awful complications if you don’t take it seriously and leave it untreated. Here at Scotia Tower Dental Group, skilled general dentists and endodontists provide the best possible services every day for patients with severely decayed teeth, leading to dental infections as it’s the most common dental emergency. If your tooth is decayed, there are many different treatments you can have to restore your shiny smile and healthy teeth. One of these treatments is root canal treatment, one of the most complicated dental procedures you don’t want to experience! During root canal treatment, your general dentist or endodontist removes the inflamed pulp in your abscessed tooth. Then the surface inside your tooth will be totally cleaned and disinfected, making your tooth pain disappear. Here we explain all details you need to be aware of in case of being a candidate for root canal therapy.

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What Common Symptoms Warn You about the Necessity of Having Root Canal Treatment?

  • Continues toothache: although tooth pain is regularly normal and can be faded away with basic home remedies, it can also indicate inflamed pulp and need for root canal treatment. It can also radiate to your jaw and other parts of your face, causing a dental emergency to handle.
  • Swollen gums: one of the regular signs of infected teeth is swollen gums and even jaw. It’s highly recommended to visit your family dentist or an emergency one as soon as you feel your gums are inflamed.
  • Cracked tooth: many people think about getting cosmetic veneers as soon as they see one of their teeth is broken. First of all, the reason behind your cracked tooth is more important than your tooth appearance. One of the causes of a chipped tooth can be a dental infection that should be immediately handled by a professional.

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How Much Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

There are many fears associated with root canal treatment. The fact is that your endodontist makes you completely numb with the help of sedation techniques, so you don’t need to be concerned.

What Are the Advantages of Root Canal Treatment?

  • Prevent infection from spreading to other healthy teeth.
  • Avoid oral surgery and hard aftercare.
  • Reduce the risk of jawbone damage.
  • Eliminate the demand for tooth extraction.

What If the Root Canal Therapy Fails?

When your tooth is too damaged, it’s possible to see the root canal therapy fail. Although you may be forced to have your damaged tooth extracted, you can easily replace your missing tooth with dental implants with the help of an experienced cosmetic dentist later!

If you feel suspicious signs of a decayed or infected tooth, don’t waste time and visit your dentist as soon as possible!

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